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在中国大陆魅族M8是一款越来越流行的手机。由于它的操作系统是基于Windows CE 6开发的MyMobile系统,而且当前的版本依然缺乏一些手机用户喜欢的特性,因此这个项目希望能够填补一些空缺。

  • 基于.NET平台开发。
  • 基于开源协议发布源代码,便于进一步的定制。

  • 提供一个更好用的界面。
  • 覆盖更多M8主题美化的领域。
  • 提供完整的源代码,便于扩展和个性化。


  • 第一版
    • 提供创建和修改M8主题包(*.mth)的基本界面。
    • 设计一个可靠的框架来复原M8的操作界面和必要的控件。
  • 第二版
    • 支持添加其他程序图标。
    • 支持自动生成预览图片。
    • 提供更逼真的M8操作界面显示效果。
  • 第三版
    • 提供对于新固件界面的支持。

Meizu M8 is a mobile phone model that becomes more and more popular in China Mainland. As its platform MyMobile is built up on Windows CE 6.0 and the initial release lacks of many useful utilities for mobile phone users, this project is aimed to fill in the gap.

Project Highlights
  • Implement missing features using .NET platform.
  • Release source code under an OSI approved open source license to ensure everyone can feel free to modify for his/her own needs.

There is already another tool for building M8 theme packages (*.mth), then why reinventing the wheels and releasing M8 Theme Builder? The reasons are simple,
  1. Provide more features to improve usability.
  2. Cover more customization areas.
  3. Have source code available so you can feel free to extend it.

User Manual
You can learn how to use it here

Show your appreciation for this open source project and support future development,


  • Release 1.0
    • Provide a basic UI to create/edit M8 theme package (*.mth) files.
    • Prepare a solid framework to visualize M8 UI and necessary components.
  • Release 2.0
    • Enhance 1.0 to support: add new application icons;generate preview images for M8 theme;provide better M8 UI visualization.
  • Release 3.0
    • Provide support to new firmware and new user interface.


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